Blended Families

In our society today, over 50% of children will spend at least part of their childhood living with a stepparent. Blended families have unique challenges for all family members. Stepparents often struggle with issues about how involved the should be with discipline, while biological parents can feel stuck in the middle between a partner and their child.

Biological children may feel the attention they once had a monopoly on is now divided with their step-siblings. And step-children may feel confusion and resentment about what it means to have two mothers or two fathers. All of these challenges are difficult, but the new family members and relationships can also be fulfilling and rewarding.

As a stepfather, I’ve had to negotiate many of these issues in my own family. And as a father, I’ve experienced the challenges my children had when developing a relationship with my wife. This personal experience, along with my professional experience, gives me the tools I use to help others with the challenges of their own blended families.

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