For many parents, the teen years are the most challenging and difficult. Teenagers are often not very compliant, they get into trouble, they can be disrespectful, and the consequences they face tend to be more severe than when they were small. But the teen years can also be incredibly rewarding. Teens are deciding about their futures, achieving things, and beginning romantic relationships.

I have over ten years of clinical experience working with teenagers. I’ve worked in a high school, in an outpatient clinic, with the juvenile probation department, and with teens in the foster care system. In working with adolescents, I’ve dealt with all of the most challenging issues they face: depression, anxiety, traumas, sexual abuse, substance use, sexual identity issues, and family conflict.

I also have personal experience with teenagers. As a parent who has raised two children to adulthood and currently has a teenage stepson, I understand the stresses and challenges parents face with teenagers, and I’m here to help.


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